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I was wondering if I could insulate this space with spray foam or something similar. Please let me know if this would be acceptable under normal codes and conditions. Answer: I am not a plumber, and plumbing is not my forte. … Read Article

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Green Tips From Green Coocoon
This week's Green Tips come from Green Cocoon, a Salisbury, Mass., company specializing in super efficient insulation options. … Read News

Knee Wall – Knee Walls – Do I Need A Knee Wall In Attic
Caulk all other holes or cracks or stuff with fiberglass batt insulation or spray foam. Elsewhere on the Web. U.S. Dep't Energy – Kneewall Insulation; Related Articles. Install Knee Wall – How to Install Knee Wall – Build Knee Wall; … Read Article

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Low-density rigid foam used for thermal insulation and RTM cores; Soft solid elastomers used for gel pads and print rollers; Maravia uses a liquid urethane material which is spray-coated over PVC to enhance air retention and increase abrasion resistance. … Read Article

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Versi-Foam spray foam insulation kits are portable and easy-to-use. They require no outside source of power or air pressure so you can take it directly to the area where the … View Video