Cavity Wall Insulation Foam

Cavity Wall Insulation Foam Renews An Old Insulation Technology

Insulation is a powerful way to save money and trap conditioned air in the home. It’s also a way to fire-proof rooms in a compartmental sort of way. Insulation is about keeping in the temperature while keeping out air that may come and change that temperature forcing you to turn the air conditioning system back on and thus using up electricity needlessly. One of the powerful types of insulation that works well in cavity walls is spray-in foam insulation. This requires a cavity wall insulation foam and some expertise in installing it correctly and effectively.

The structural integrity and design of cavity walls create a convenient way to support all wall insulation materials. Let’s talk a little about that design and potential insulation types that can be used in them.

What Are Cavity Walls?

Cavity walls are the outside wall infrastructures incorporating a space or gap between the two hard surfaces. This could be between two brick walls designed with a cavity or air pocket that’s used specifically to install insulation, incubate the homes wiring, and providing a barrier between the outside wall and the inside of the home much like a shield.

Foam spray-in insulation is perfect for this type of insulation because it tends to cover every square inch of the cavity and expands to push through cracks and any air holes that may be in there. This creates an air tight seal. Foam spray in insulation is both fire proof and sound proof as well as a powerful way to block the loss of conditioned air. This makes it a triple threat (to borrow a show biz term) and a powerful ally in the war against economic depletion (going broke trying to stay comfortable).

Why do you need insulation in a cavity wall?

Although cavity wall insulation can be simply building a cavity wall of a certain demension so just the right amount of air or air pockets are present. This uses air itself as a barrier or insulation factor between the outside heat/cold and the internal temperatures – a buffer if you will.

The problem with this is that it must be within a small dimension or you reach a diminishing returns problem. As the air in the cavity (which is air tight) surpasses a specific volume, the insulating factor deteriorates because the air starts convection – moving around. As this air moves around, it tends to assist the external temperatures instead of blocking them.

The cavity wall insulation technique was utilized across many homes in the early 80’s but as families got bigger and homes more spacious and big, this format needed a better update for it to stay effective. The air specifically needed to be replaced by a more viable material that would guarantee insulation. By using spray in insulation you remove the dimensions limitation because the foam displaces the air until virtually no air exists.

The wall cavity maintains an air gap which is a good insulation. (In fact it is about the best available conveniently and almost all other manufactured insulation material incorporates air bubbles or spaces in order to gain this advantage).When the cavity width between the two walls exceed a certain critical dimension the air within the gap start moving about due to convection (convection currents) which start assisting heat transfer from the warmer to the colder side rather than blocking it.

By restricting the air volume or eliminating it, the problem goes away and a new, more powerful form of insulating cavity is born. With spray in insulation you’re not limited to certain dimensions so the “cavity” can expand to a much larger size without losing the integrity of your insulation efforts.

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Cavity Wall Insulation Foam

Cavity Wall Insulation
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Cavity Wall Insulation
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BSC Info 501 Cavity #3C53DB
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