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DIY Spray Foam Insulation – Poor Man's Spray Foam – YouTube
Http:// – DIY and save with this quick spray foam insulation tip. 3:23 Retrofitting an Existing Home with Foam it Green by SprayFoamDirect 50,910 views 2:09 Why installing rigid foam makes sense by Inglewhat 38,519 views … View Video

Basement Subfloor – Home Renovation – Home Remodeling – Home
Free Home Renovations Newsletter! Sign Up. Discuss in my forum. Basement Subfloor What Are Your Options With Basement Subflooring? with rigid foam insulation 1 1/2" thick placed between the sleepers. Vapor retarder. Concrete basement floor. … Read Article

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Insulation Blower – Home Renovation – Home Remodeling – Home
Is an insulation blower a DIY item for rent? Home; Home Renovations. Search. Home Renovations; Kitchens; Bathrooms; Pictures & Ideas; Share; Explore Home Renovations. Must Reads. 9 Small Kitchen Photos; 20 Great Kitchen Backsplash Ideas; 19 Small Bathroom Ideas; … Read Article

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Garage Floor Insulation – How To Install Garage Floor …
Use rigid-foam insulation that is the same thickness as your sleepers. Home; Garages & Storage Spaces; Garage Conversions; Garage Floor Insulation – How To Install Garage Floor Insulation with Sleepers & Rigid Foam; Advertise on; Our Story; … Read Article

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At Large In Ballard: This Old (New) House
By Peggy Sturdivant My daughter seconded an earlier comment that our cold house was “one step above camping.” But the upside of living in such a drafty house is that there was so much room for improvement when we committed to Seattle’s energy upgrade program. As of Day 12 of the energy retrofit of this old house, the project was emerging as one the greatest successes to date for authorized … Read News

Insulation (list Of insulation Material) – Wikipedia, The …
Home Foam: 0.69: R-3.9: Fiberglass batts: 0.55–0.76: R-3.1–R-4.3: Cotton batts (Blue Jean insulation) 0.65: R-3.7: Molded expanded polystyrene (EPS) low-density: 0.65: R-3.85: Icynene spray: 0.63: R-3.6: Open-cell polyurethane spray foam: 0.63: R-3.6 … Read Article

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Recycling Old Refrigerator Could Gain You $500 Toward A New One
Interest in community gardens has been growing even in areas as rural as Sussex County. Even though many homeowners have enough property to grow vegetables in their own backyard, many are participating … Read News

Pipe insulation – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Rigid-foam insulation has minimal acoustic performance but can exhibit low thermal-conductivity values of 0.021 W/(m·K) or lower, allowing energy-saving legislation to be met whilst using reduced insulation thicknessess. Polyethylene. … Read Article

Urea-formaldehyde – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Urea-formaldehyde foam insulation (UFFI) dates back to the 1930s and made a great synthetic insulation with R-values near 5.0 per inch. [open-celled foam], any excess formaldehyde in the insulation would off-gas into the home's living space. … Read Article

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Slow Rise Spray Foam Insulation In Existing Walls – YouTube
5:01 Tripolymer Injection Foam Insulation for your Home by Tripolymer 20,414 views 2:47 Unvented Attics Insulated with Spray Foam by SprayedFoam 33,390 views 8:38 The Right Way To Insulate Attics and Cathedral Ceilings with Batts by IDIDistributors 280,538 views … View Video